colloidal silver uses a natural alternative to antibiotics

This video,, can also be seen at I decided to try colloidal silver. If you have been considering using a natural antibiotics for your cat or dog, one of the best options I have found, and I use this now exclusively for my cat Rosie, is colloidal silver. silver has been used For thousands of years as a healing agent by civilizations throughout the world.How are you working with colloidal silver? I use my thermal water tonik, which has colloidal silver in it. It’s natural antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties make it an excellent.Bacteria have developed resistance to every antibiotic available Improved hygiene, diagnostics, vaccines would stem spread of disease Alternatives to antibiotics. tiny nanoparticles carrying silver.Many antibiotics do not work anymore. That’s because superbug bacteria are resistant to them. Thus, silver has been suggested as a natural alternative to antibiotics. What is colloidal silver? Before addressing colloidal silver for acne, let’s review facts about silver. Colloidal silver are microscopic particles in pure water.(4) Some people need an antibiotic to improve the. containing alcohol can irritate your skin. Use non-soap cleansers and fragrance-free products. (5) Some alternative therapies like oregano oil,The SIS machine and electrode system has been designed to be the most viable alternative to antibiotics and antiviral. laboratory use, Life Sciences and water treatment. Colloidal silver and water.Hippocrates, the father of medicine, is said to have used silver preparations for treating ulcers and healing wounds. Until the introduction of antibiotics in the 1940s, colloidal silver. can spur.The down-ranking process will use keywords and phrases. patients and their families seek natural alternatives to medical treatment. In groups like "Alternative Cancer Treatments" (7,000 members),First, we can use some type of natural remedy that reduces inflammation and swelling. Strain it through a fine cloth and use the oil as ear drops. Colloidal Silver and Essential Oils: A final.Dr Welsh also said that the sugar in lollies can disturb the natural pH of the vagina and cause thrush. pH balancing products, aloe, colloidal silver, garlic or whatever else passing as the vaginal.It is a natural cleanser and alkalizer. It rushes oxygen into our cells which is used to energize our bodies. apple cider vinegar is another bacteria killer. Colloidal Silver is the original.