kapton washers

Original video found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4Rn-vxNhs4.Welcome to our downloads page, hosting several of Essex Brownell's generalized datasheets, line cards and other product & services specification documents.Kapton flat washers and shims are made from a polyimide film that exhibits reliable stability in a vast range of temperatures. These spacers also offer thermal conductivity and dielectric qualities. Kapton flat washers and shims are frequently used in aerospace, electrical, medical and other applications.Manufacturer-Direct Standard Plastic Film Washers Standard Plastic Washer and. of Polyester (Mylar) film, PTFE, Polyethylene, PVC (Vinyl), Kapton, and.Kapton fasteners are fairly easy and safe to use. When soldering, Kapton film rarely produces off-gasses that are hazardous. Welding arcs can destroy Kapton film, so it’s best to remove it before welding begins, or to apply it after all welding is finished.Mil Spec / Military Grade Washers are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Same day shipping on most items. Click here to start shopping.Some of the most common die-cut shapes we produce are discs, washers, Kapton Mylar PEEK PES. PFA PolyUrethane. PPS pvdf rubber siliconewe can custom fabricate flat and special shaped gaskets and washers from any. Silicone Glass, Phenolic, Nomex, Kapton, Mica, Teflon, Vulcanized Fibre, and.Call: 888-592-2570 flat kapton washers From Superior Washer & Gasket Corp.- If you need flat Kapton washers and other spacing solutions that meet with high quality standards, at competitive pricing, that are available for immediate shipment, your best option is to source them directly from the manufacturer.Sample Phenolic and Polyimide Kapton Shims. Primary Process: Shear / Saw / Machine; Secondary Process: Part Marking / Final QA; Overall Part Dimensions:.Washers are multipurpose fasteners that are vital in a variety of applications. In general, washers have two main functions: to distribute the pressure of the nut evenly over a surface without damage and to ensure that the nut is pressed against a smooth surface to reduce the chances of loosening over time.Kapton (by DuPont) is a polyimide film which offers a unique combination of electrical, thermal, chemical and mechanical properties over a wide temperature range. It can function at 428F to 464F for continuous service, and intermittent at 752F.