tension control bolts

Tension Control Bolts Ltd has been operating for some fifty years although it was originally involved in the manufacture of standard bolting. TCB’s were a British concept but found popularity first in the Far East and then the USA.The tension control bolt consists of a three-piece fastening system with 1) a round head bolt with a truncated, flat surface area at the top of the bolt, and a 24-sided tip which protrudes from the opposite end. The tip is calibrated to shear off when the proper tension is applied. 2) a heavy hex nut and, 3) a structural flat washer.Using TC Shear Wrenches Will Save You Time and money. tension control (TC) bolts are the most popular structural fasteners in North America. Sometimes called twist-off or Lejeune bolts, they are designed with a spline that shears off when it reaches the proper level of tension.Tension mounted in Mission Control as Wednesday’s spacewalk. As Hoshide started to drive the bolt home, Mission Control asked the astronauts to report everything they saw and felt. Story continues.Tension Control Bolts are quick, safe and easy to install. TCBs are installed using electric shear wrenches which do not require calibration, therefore neither the tool or operator have any influence on the preload obtained. how it works.A325 tension control bolts and A490 tension control bolts perform optimally in a moderate temperature range: between 40 F and 90 F. Galvanized tension controls bolts or TC bolts are an excellent choice for outdoor or exposed installations, or where corrosion or weathering is a concern.Proper Jobsite Storage of TC Bolts. What can you do to prevent these problems with tension control bolts from occurring? It all comes back to jobsite storage. While it does make things easier to go ahead and put the TC bolts in their place in the structure, prolonged exposure to the elements can cause problems with the bolts.Pros of Tension Control Bolts. TC bolts install easier than heavy hex bolts, DTIs (direct tension indicators), and other construction fasteners.There is just one lot number involved in the tension control bolt assembly and they come precisely lubricated.

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