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Artificial Intelligence for Content Marketing and content creation. artificial Intelligence marketing solutions are everywhere. One-way AI is helping marketers is with AI generated content. Many marketers are using AI to create simple stories like updates and reports. Marketers have been using.PAM DIDNER B2B and Tech Consultant and author global content marketing and Effective sales enablement linkedin twitter website personal Blog Ms. Didner advises companies including Intel, 3m, Sunstar, Insitu and Cisco. Prior to this, she was Global Integrated Marketing Strategist at Intel, leading their product launches and worldwide marketing campaigns.Artificial intelligence however can be a game changer for content marketing, it gives far deeper insights with greater automation and can work through a great pile of data, helping in increasing conversions and achieving other goals. Some of the fronts where artificial intelligence can be leveraged by content marketers is. Finding the right.Codec focuses on improving a fundamental process necessary for effective marketing – customer segmentation, specifically to optimising content creation. The company provides an AI powered cultural.Recommendation is one of the best examples of AI in marketing. E-commerce websites, blogs, and many social networking and media websites use artificial intelligence to analyse your activities on the internet and recommend you products and content for better conversions and to make you spend more time at their websites.Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the current "it" terms in marketing. Every marketer is thinking about how to best use it and every technology provider is trying to push offerings that.Sales and marketing AI is changing how companies sell and promote themselves. Techopedia defines artificial intelligence or AI as an area of computer science involved in the creation of intelligent machines. Learning, the ability to manipulate and move objects, and problem solving are some of the traits programmers of AI intend to develop.1. Teleflora Uses AI to deliver personalized product Recommendations. A recent article in Direct Marketing News details how Teleflora, a leading floral arrangements vendor with more than 15,000 member florists in the US and Canada, uses AI to build customer profiles and provide a personalized touch. Source:

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