Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Contains No Harmful Chemical Stabilizers

This video,, can also be seen at other ‘brown bottle’ hydrogen peroxide retailers, Essential Oxygen prides themselves on creating Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide that contains no toxic heavy metal stabilizers. This makes it the perfect item to replace all of the plastic bottles of other cleaning chemicals you have, and only ever need to buy one, big, eco-economical.Commercial grade peroxides found in those brown bottles at drug stores often contain stabilizing chemicals. Containing no toxic additives or stabilizers, Sunfood Hydrogen Peroxide is a 3% solution of FCC, usp certified food-grade hydrogen peroxide i triple UV filtered, deionized water.The hydrogen peroxide from the brown bottle available at your local drug store is 3%, is NOT food grade, and is NOT safe for internal use as it contains many stabilizers and additives. 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is highly reactive!Not only is the beauty industry self-regulated (meaning anyone can make a “clean beauty” claim with no oversight), but."Food grade" means it contains no harmful stabilizers, chemicals or heavy metals. This is why you should only use food grade hydrogen peroxide for any usage that you may come into contact with internally or externally Read more..Nearly all other hydrogen peroxide contains extremely health destroying stabilizers and heavy metals. Actual government standards food grade hydrogen peroxide is far more costly. Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is only manufactured by a few major companies in the United States. It is only manufactured in 35% and 50% concentrations.If they do not have 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide, they have no food grade to dilute from as ALL food grade hydrogen peroxide is only manufactured in 35% and 50% concentration. 50% is not available to home-sellers. They can not make 8% food grade hydrogen peroxide if they do not have 35% to make it from.Food grade hydrogen peroxide is a specially purified form of hydrogen peroxide without additives. It is in a concentration of 35% , the rest is water, yet it also must be diluted to a 3 % concentration.The typical brown bottle has many harmful chemical stabilizers in the solution and food grade hydrogen peroxide does not contain them! food grade hydrogen peroxide has many health benefits.