Introducing YOcoin Cryptocurrency

A NEW OPEN SOURCE CRYPTOCURRENCY BUILT ON ETHEREUM SMART CONTRACTS Discover The Technology. SERVING THE NEEDS FOR THE 21st CENTURY. PRODUCTS & SERVICES. YOCOIN IS THE PEOPLE’S COIN. SIGN UP NOW. Unlimited Opportunities. JOIN THE OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME Join For Free. Introduction To YoCoin.How I Make $1,000s EVERY DAY Trading Crypto Coins – 3 Step Guide For 2018 – Duration: 22:09. crypto oracle 238,874 viewsNotice: Trying to get property ‘roles’ of non-object in /nas/content/live/blockchainnews/wp-content/plugins/wp-author-box-pro/core/functions.display.php on line 88 Warning: array_key_exists(): The.Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses advanced encryption technology to facilitate free & secure peer to peer transactions. Most cryptocurrencies are fiat currencies by nature, meaning they have no physical value tied to them. Cryptocurrencies are also usually not controlled by any government or country.Brief introduction of yocoin.. 2018-10-23. website News. Altcoin News Bitcoin News Blockchain News Cryptocurrency News Ethereum News Others Regulation news ripple news Scam News. Insights. Cryptocurrencies ICOs In Depth Interview Opinion Training. ICO. All ongoing upcoming ended. Cryptopedia.

This video,, can also be seen at wants to be a global cryptocurrency leader and in order to do that we must offer more services and uses than any other cryptocurrency in the World so we found it only appropriate if we had our own cryptocurrency exchange that quotes the proper value of YOcoin at any one time and allows people that own YOcoin to trade for any other.yo coin crypto currency. 90 likes. A page for people to learn about the newest form of Crypto Currency similar to Bit Coin but a Whole Lot Newer.Yocoin.presentation new 1. First. What is Cryptocurrency? 0101010101 0101010101 010101001 2. A Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is created through mathematical engineering (algorithm). It is designed to be open, anonymous, secure, fast and bypasses traditional financial structures. 3.YOCoin is introducing its new features over the next few months. These types of services and entertainment drives up the demand of the tokens. For example, a week ago YOCoin introduced its newest feature, YoDice , which is a gambling game that many play from around the world which only accepts YOCoin.There’s no printing of cryptos and rewards for cryptocurrency holders that come from the verification process continues to remain independent and out of the hands of a single authority. ethos intact,