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Gun Training Report #8 Color Code of Mental Awareness. FREE The Color Code of Mental Awareness please hold off until I send you a special bonus report in about a week as it will save you a ton of money and make it easy for you to bring your family and friends with you so they too can gain a level of skill that exceeds 99% of the gun owning population.I have compiled all the links to the gun training reports 1 -32, so you can pick the topics that you may be interested in, and read them when you want! and you don’t have to have your email inbox fill up with stuff from Front sight. front sight gun training reports Report #1 Comfort of Skill at Arms Report #2 Little Know and Rarely Talked About Secret Report #3 Biggest Secret in the Firearms.Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is located just outside of Las Vegas Nevada. The goal of this video series is to show you how you too can be empowered by attending firearms training at.Don’t think for a second that you’ll be any better unless you adopt this Color Code of Mental Awareness and the Combat Mindset as your own and practice it every day. The good news is that if you do practice, you will fall in with those special officers and private citizens that collectively have 85-90% hit ratios.Enjoy an entire year of unlimited access to FrontSight.TV PLUS receive a Five-Day Defensive Handgun Course at our world class Front sight nevada facility, including a 30-State CCW and the entire set of seven, Front Sight gun training manuals (total value $2,750) Enroll Now for a single payment of only $300. For more information, click Enroll Now.If you have not yet adopted the Color Code of Mental Awareness as your own, developed the Combat Mindset, and secured the level of training we provide at Front Sight, we are here to help you. Again, the choice to win or lose, be the victor or the victim, live or die is up to you.The late Jeff Cooper’s "Color Code" has been taught by police instructors for many years. Most of you are familiar with the concepts, but a review is worthwhile.. This system is a mental.

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