Silver Lining Real Estate Podcast: Do I Need Cash To Sell My Home??

Silver Lining Properties, LLC is a real estate investment and solution company. We are property acquisition specialists that buy houses directly from sellers; we want to BUY your home. There is never a charge or a commission when we buy your property!While it’s frustrating to lose money on an investment, sometimes it becomes necessary to sell property for a loss. Fortunately, there are several tax benefits you can claim after losing money on a property sale. While these tax benefits are not enough to totally erase your loss, they do create a silver lining for this.The 1031 exchange can be a great tool to increase your cash flow by deferring taxes.It has been used by savvy real estate investors for decades. Through a properly executed 1031 exchange, you can legally delay paying taxes on investment gains when you sell a qualified property.By the time Pridgen was in his 40s, he had amassed a real estate. listened to my wife. In 2005 she told me we should sell everything. I had bitten off so much and had so many things going on." He.Owning a 4-plex can be a PITA. Owning a rental property is one of the most popular ways to generate passive income, but it’s not always easy. We purchased a 4-plex through a short sale process in October 2011 and my rental income projection was quite wrong.. I finally finished our 2012 tax return and I can share the details from the 4-plex now.But because cash-on-cash returns measure any type of profit, not just income, they let you compare the return of a real estate deal to other types of investments. For example – let’s say you have $10,000 to invest, and you’re trying to decide whether to invest it in an S&P 500 index fund or a rental property.After endless bad news and staggering stats in the national real estate sector, the silver lining has finally appeared, giving the industry a small glimmer of hope that all is not lost- according.What’s perhaps most shocking about these revelations is that Trump, the son of a multimillionaire real estate developer, started his business career standing on third base. For him to make money.

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