Beats Solo 2 Review – Best Sounding Beats Headphone?

Beats Solo 2 Review. As the name indicates, the Beats Solo 2 are a sequel of sorts to the very popular Solo headphones. As with any pair of headphones from this company, it’s expected that you’re paying a little more for branding and style (a sore point for many audiophiles) but that isn’t everything.The Beats Solo 2 headphones take over from the Beats Solo HD, a massively popular set of on-ear headphones that has become a defining symbol of the popularisation of expensive sets. We thought the last lot were pretty poor, but Beats has made significant improvements to the sound quality this time.2/ It indicates. Ultimately, the sound quality on the Beats Solo 3 is good-to-great. For 95% of people it will be satisfactory. For the remaining 5% who are looking for the best possible audio.Beats by Dre-a recent subsidiary of Apple-has one mode of operation: premium, consumer-friendly audio with an emphasis on bass and style. Of the myriad beats products you’re likely to spot on the street, the most prominent is the Solo line of on-ear headphones, whose unmistakable profile has remained largely the same for several years.

This video,, can also be seen at Beats Solo 2 are well-built headphones that make use of high-end materials in their design. The headband is reinforced with a relatively thin metal frame that feels sufficiently sturdy. The ear cups are also sufficiently dense, and capable of handling a few falls without getting damaged.sound quality wise, these are the best sounding Beats (for the price) ever. I actually compared them to the Solo 2’s, and these sounded a bit more dynamic and overall better, but I guess that expected since these headphones are still very newly manufactured.Shop for beats solo 2 headphones at Best Buy. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-upmy beats solo 2 review covers everything from features & comfort to sound quality [links Below]\r\rBest Price for Beats Solo 2 \rBest Price in UK \r\rOTHER HEADPHONES MENTIONED IN REVIEW\r\rSennheiser Urbanite \rV-Moda M80 \r\rSPECS\r\r- Type: closed-back supra-aural headphones\r- Transducers: 1 x 40 mm electrodynamic transducer per earphone\r- Frequency response: Not Given\r- Impedance: Not.